Food to experience in Gauteng

Amagwinya as they are called in Gauteng meaning vetkoek,The term amagwinya originates from the historically Black townships of Gauteng in South Africa. This are known as the best breakfast and they can be eaten with polony,atchaar or whatever you choose to eat it with. this is a popular meal for people living in townships.The popularity of this food item is evidenced by the many spaza shops, hawkers at taxi ranks, roadside vendors, and fast food shops located in the Gauteng townships who sell this food.
A braai is a social occasion that has specific traditions and social norms. In black and white South African culture, women rarely braai (cook) meat at a social gathering, as this is normally the preserve of men. The men gather round the braai or braaistand (the fire or grill) outdoors and cook the food, while women prepare the pap, salads, desserts, and vegetables for the meal in the kitchen. The meal is subsequently eaten outside by the fire/braai, since the activity is normally engaged in during the long summer months.
13 August 2014 at 11:54 #

I am a US citizen and had my first braai in SA a few months ago. Unlike hamburgers and hot dogs in the US, we had steak, ribs and lamb chops! Yum!!


And to end it all this is another African dish that is very famous in Gauteng which is called  a Zulu cuisine. this meal meal is mostly served at night as dinner.the meal is prepared by the Zulu tribe and to make it even better they have used their traditional pots and calabashes just for the African feel. Remember you can only experience this meal in Gauteng.
“African experience”
4 of 5 starsReviewed 21 May 2014

I dont know why it has so many below average reviews! we had such a nice time! It is super African traditional, we even got our faces painted by African artists! food was good not woow but the experience payed it off!


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